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Phone France : (033) 06 66 66 45 49

French website : http://www.jean-loncle-photo.com

Jean Loncle (born 1968) is a freelance photographer. From now (2015) he  will focus on the different activities and issues taking place around the ocean.

Previously, Jean was reporting the daily life of the speargun fishermen on the east coast of Madagascar, in a village called Manompana. He worked as well with Cetamada, a malagasy organisation, which protect the marine mammals around Sainte Marie island and Madagascar.

Jean revived an old passion for photography in 2005 and came to Cambodia working as a freelance. Besides documenting the social situation for the french newspaper “Cambodge Soir Hebdo”, he worked on photographing the life of people living in the slums, traditional Khmer dance and disabled people trying to get out of poverty and enhance their life through practising a sport.

During his time in Asia, Jean has focused as well on the under-threat Mekong river which faces new dams project challenges; and travelled in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India to document the life of acid attacks victims with the NGO Avid Survivors.

Previously, Jean’s labour has taken him into the deep Amazon rainforest of French Guyana working as a guide, as well as to the west coast of Madagascar where he was supervising the construction of anti-cyclonic schools at the end of the 90ies. He spent 6 months living by himself in the mountains of South America (Chili, Perou and Bolivie) where he walked through Atacama desert.