Madagascar, spear gun fishermen, Manompana village.

April 6th, 2013

Off the east coast of Madagascar, in Manompana village, spear gun fishermen dive everyday to feed their family. Any surplus catches is either smoked to preserve, given to friends or neighbors, sell or battered for other food products. This fishing activity does not yield an excessive amount of fish making it primarily that of subsistence. For few years now, the decrease of fish stock have enriched conversations amongst inhabitants. “We have to dive deeper and deeper to catch fish to eat and sell”, noticed Cécé, underwater fisherman, now 72 years old. Here, survival of the population depends on proteins contained in the wild fauna of the sea. A survival that become more and more fragile. “Human folly has grown. The sea will not suffer, but we will. We are already suffering”, tells Cécé.

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